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Note: These are the 2013 breakouts. For information on the workshop's other years, please visit vehicleautomation.org.

Ten breakout groups will meet in parallel on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon. The topics shown below were selected to represent the multidisciplinary challenges of road vehicle automation. Each breakout has been planned by experts in the discipline. Part 1 on Tuesday afternoon will establish opportunities and challenges; Part 2 on Wednesday afternoon will open with a short summary of the previous part and the proceed to develop research needs statements. Participants are encouraged to attend both parts of the same breakout. Breakouts will make a report to the plenary on Thursday morning.

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To assist in planning a breakout group, please contact that group's organizers.

Each breakout group's objective is to identify and develop Research Need Statements (RNSs). Effective RNSs present a concise description of the problem and the suggested test methods such that they can be used by practitioners, researchers, and others to solve the problem. Each group will have two breakout sessions during the workshop: 

1. Identify and Prioritize Research Gaps
The first breakout session will be used to identify and prioritize the research gaps pertaining to Road Vehicle Automation. A focus will be to enable careful deliberation on the major issues. Discussion will be facilitated and documented by the breakout group organizers. The first half of the breakout session will consist of an ideation phase, while the second half will be used to prioritize the ideas and select the top ones to be developed into RNSs. 

2. Develop Research Need Statements
The second breakout session will be used to develop Research Need Statements for the highest priority research gaps. The organizers will lead the development of the RNS documents, while the breakout session attendees discuss the methods to be used to address the RNSs. 

Click here to learn how to write an RNS.

Each RNS will have the following components:
  • Title
  • Background
  • Objective
  • Potential Benefits
  • Relationships to the Existing Body of Knowledge
  • Tasks
  • Follow-On and Implementation Activities
  • Estimated Funding Requirements
  • Concluding Comments and Tips
Please use the ProblemStatement.docx form below when preparing Research Need Statements for Road Vehicle Automation.